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How I Spent My Saturday


Tim and I made a sign at his house.

Tim is a really great guy.

And then I went to Tom Harkin's town hall on health care. I brought a sign, so I couldn't go inside, but I stood outside and cheerily welcomed people.

My sign read: "Keep Your Hands Out of My Kid's Pockets"

Tim's sign read: "Astroturf This!"

As people came into the event, by my count, about 60% supported my little protest. I gave my video camera to a person I know who was going inside. I'll catch up with her later to discover how it went inside the building.

Oh - and one of the local news channels interviewed me. What's funny is that a woman who was watching me get interviewed then scolded the TV reporter.

"There's only four of them out here, and you give them face time."

I smiled. I wonder if she was shocked to find a much greater number inside the event.


ETC: A report from someone who was inside at Harkin's event:

That was quite a meeting. The building we were in had no air conditioning or fans! Nice planning. Then come to find out that the building is being turned into a medical clinic and pharmacy thanks to that wonderful stimulus package. There was some yelling and screaming by some concerned citizens. At various points during the question and answer, people were actually yelling at each other. You had SEIU folks there. You had supporters of the plan there and you had people opposed to the plan. It made for one hell of a meeting!

But, here's what I got out of the whole thing. Harkin and the rest believe that the insurance companies, doctors and hospitals are making too much money. Congress wants to control or suppress the profit. When Harkin was asked whether he believed in Capitalism his answer was,"well it depends on what your definition of Capitalism is, insurance companies have a right to make a profit but not the kind of profit they've been making."

This is purely a socialistic or progressive posture by Harkin and anybody who supports the House and Senate versions of the Reform Bill. Their true colors are starting to shine. Having these town hall meetings is the best thing since peanut butter. People are concerned, prepared and ready to take on anybody who get's in their way. They are not going to let these "life time politicians" get away with any more lies or mis-direction.

Sunlight, baby. Bring on the sunlight!

MORE ETC: A great recap. Killer quote:

"Who sent me here? Who sent me here? I sent myself. How dare you! How dare you claim that I'm part of a conspiracy!"


by Brett Rogers, 8/8/2009 4:32:54 PM


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