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Today's Beauty


This reminds me of the talent of my friend, Kelly. He's the guy who first introduced me to the instrument being played here, the Chapman Stick. Kelly is also the most talented musician I know.


by Brett Rogers, 8/8/2009 4:25:21 PM


That's very nice, Brett. That's still an instrument I want to get hold of someday. Some of the work Tony Levin does using the Stick is otherworldly.

You might be interested to know that earlier this week there was a meeting at a local Perkins with the members of a long defunct band. Rumor has it it was agreed that they should once again play live. We'll see how it goes. I'll keep you updated. :)



Posted by Kelly, 8/8/2009 7:47:36 PM

Please do! I'll be a groupie - I promise :)



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 8/8/2009 7:57:08 PM

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