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The writer is always tricking the reader into listening to their dream.
-- Joan Didion


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While I've been working on the 247Toolset engine, I've also been working on a client's complicated engineering app. As I write this, I'm listening by phone to the several-person, cross-country demo of the work I've done in the last four months for the client. Kinda fun to hear the remarks and the flow of it all. It's the first time that they've all seen the system from end to end.

This has been a great week. The 247Toolset engine is entering a lot of verticals. From alumni groups to business accelerators to non-profits, the 247Toolset platform proves itself adaptable to more and more purposes every week.

I've engaged a former co-worker who will help me manage the development going forward. She and I worked on a very complicated project in the past and we work very well together, with me developing and her testing and coordinating the development.

I've also brought in a professional management company in exchange for a small fraction of equity. They're the reason that I drove across Iowa this past Wednesday to demo the platform, and the reason that it was demo'd in front of an alumni group. It's starting to feel like this will blossom very fast. We have a target for the end of August to put the finishing touches on the core development. And then - sales!

When we met this morning, we postulated that four people might make their living from this work in the first quarter of next year. If so, jobs created. That after a few thousand hours of effort on my part, with no promise of reward, working toward only a possibility. A dream...

Do I have the right to enjoy the fruit of my risk? Some would say no. Some would say that if this does very well and makes a lot of money because it attracts people to it for the problems it solves, people who had nothing to do with my efforts have as much right to my reward as I do. The folks who think that way are usually those who believe in "economic fairness." Is it fair that those who had nothing to do with the unpaid and persistent effort of development should share in the success of it? That's a fairness question they don't like to answer, in my experience.

I know this much: it's a lot easier to invite yourself to the reward of someone else's efforts than it is to work for your own reward.


by Brett Rogers, 7/31/2009 4:48:38 PM


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