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Gut Reaction


I endeavor to create my own job, and create jobs for others.

To do that, I work hard on what I believe is a market solution, and then I trot it out into the market to see if I can get some traction. No matter how many positive comments I might hear back in response to my crafted solution, there is only one reaction that counts: purchase. Nice comments don't create jobs. Transactions create jobs. The decision to buy is the only opinion that counts, at the end of the day.

An entrepreneur needs that feedback. If the market isn't ready to purchase, for whatever reason, the entrepreneur needs to know that and then respond to it with improvements.

Which is why I find it unfortunate that the gut reaction of some entrepreneurs is to try and get money from the government to fund their work.

While the captured and narrow audience of a few bureaucrats who look for ways to spend money that isn't theirs on a "solution" they won't personally use is certainly a way to get money, it's not at all the same as attracting the money of those who crave the offered "solution" enough to buy it with their own money. By seeking government funding, the burgeoning entrepreneur misses valuable feedback that will show that the "solution" is truly market-ready. Otherwise the "solution" is immature and still needs tweaking, which is why most bureaucrat-funded early-stage businesses never succeed as hoped. Government funding is a false positive, and can only create temporary jobs - not self-sustaining jobs.


by Brett Rogers, 7/30/2009 8:17:45 AM


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