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Is it true that writers are pillagers of privacy? Yes. And it is also true that others get hurt along the way. But what are a few hurt feelings along the fiction trail? After all, thousands died to build the railroads; millions were crippled and wounded in wars that were presumably fought to create better worlds. Am I saying that the literary end justifies the means? I'm saying that writers had better believe it or else they'll be trapped in moral quicksand and swallowed up whole.
-- Anne Roiphe


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"We Rescued the Economy"


Good lord. Our president is utterly deluded. He's a complete idiot.

This is as founded in reality as me saying that I spent this past week on my knees praying that the earth wouldn't implode. It hasn't imploded, therefore you owe me thanks.

People with Obama bumper stickers look more and more ridiculous by the day.


by Brett Rogers, 7/22/2009 9:14:31 AM


Un-f'ing-believable. Then show us the budget numbers Barry .

Chicago mafia politics and the MSM that swoons at his every word. Idiots all. has some great anti-Obama stickers. I've never been a big one to advertise on my car but I did during the election and think I'll get some more.

Hey, if this pile gets rammed down our throats, how long before he starts looking to have term limits on the presidency expanded? His ego is big enough to try.



Posted by Pale Rider, 7/22/2009 1:02:51 PM

The conservative grassroots needs to be louder/faster...



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 7/23/2009 5:14:34 PM

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