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Here's my thought for the day. Maybe for the year.

In my day-to-day work, I deal with complicated systems all of the time. Many people do.

The more complicated the system, the longer you should take to consider the optimum workflow to gain the greatest efficiency. Otherwise, you're likely introducing more pain into the system, and you're guaranteed to fail.

Most of the time with complicated systems, you have the benefit of current and historical methods, the asset of competitor systems and their profitability (or lack thereof) to gauge effectiveness, and market demand to steer you.

That takes time. It takes study. It requires experts.

Earlier this week, I watched a Discovery channel special on going to the moon. After John F. Kennedy's proclamation that we were going to do the thing that was hard, NASA implemented a plan. It required several years and several trials and tweaks along the way. It also factored in a plan to abort the mission. Eight years after Kennedy spoke, and after the effort of thousands of experts and trials, we accomplished our goal.

Streamlining the very personal issue of health care for every American into universal coverage that makes the system more efficient while continuing to attract skilled health care providers is not something that Nancy Pelosi's office and small cadre of legislative writers can craft in a mere few months, without trials and a plan to abort the mission. What Obama and Pelosi are attempting to do is to try to go to the moon mere months after John F. Kennedy announced his vision, with no tests, no expert analysis, and no plan to abort.

Had that happened, we would have failed our president's vision and cost lives. John F. Kennedy would not have allowed such a thing. He was smarter than that.

Obama is not. He doesn't care.

This ramrodded fiasco is doomed to fail for the lack of preparation and the lack of analysis and the lack of milestoned trials that prove the concept.

Not no but hell no. Anybody who gets behind this "plan" is a rube.


by Brett Rogers, 7/22/2009 8:47:47 AM


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