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Eating My Own Dog Food


A guy I used to know, Matt, told me long ago that any good software developer would most benefit his application by "eating his own dog food," i.e. using his own application.

Good advice.

So to that end, I used Patriot247 to solicit folks to help me get the attention of legislators - local, state, and federal - so that we could let them know that we the people don't want all this crap they're shoveling. Some people responded to my request for help and I organized a meeting.

A few nights ago, 7 of us met.

When I first met everyone for the Des Moines Tea Party, there were maybe 10 people. That grew to become somewhere over 3,000 on April 15th. Statehouse legislators and others told us that it's a very rare day that so many people are assembled on Capitol Hill's west lawn. It started with just a handful of people, most of whom didn't know one another.

The goal with this effort is not a Tea Party/Capitol Hill attendance. It's to help gather educational information, find creative ways to get the information to people, and to organize efforts to get up in the grill of the legislators so that they 1) can easily see the numbers involved, and 2) change their mind if re-election matters to them.

So this passionate group met the other night and we're moving ahead. Weekly meetings, bringing more and more people to it. Handing out assignments and coordinating effort and working side-by-side to return our country to liberty.

Obama is an anti-American, dyed-in-the-wool socialist. That's clear. The majority of Americans are not socialists that's also clear. One will rout the other. I aim to help Americans win this battle.


by Brett Rogers, 7/19/2009 7:16:07 AM


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