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Who Would Do That?


Imagine that your grandmother is ill, recently diagnosed with cancer. The treatment will be expensive, which she can't afford.

The obvious answer to liberals is simple: leverage the future income of her grandchildren. Take out a loan against the earnings of those schoolchildren. Burden them with all that debt. That's what nationalized health care is.

Now if the grandmother knew that her grandchildren would suffer that burden, she wouldn't allow it. But when it's money laundered through tax collection and politicians so that it's not a direct loan, well, then she's shielded from the personal responsibility of it. It's not her children, but the government.

Except that the government is funded completely by what is taken from taxpayers.

Oh, well, there are millions of taxpayers. It's pennies, at most, collected from her grandchildren for her health care.

Except that there are millions of people who would similarly rely on that system. Millions of people who add cost to that system. All totaled, it's not pennies. It's billions and trillions of dollars.

What loving and responsible person would burden children who aren't even out of school yet with that amount of debt?

The answer: not one would.


by Brett Rogers, 7/15/2009 11:00:00 AM


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