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One Foot in Front of the Other...


Persistence. If I had to pick a single admirable characteristic about me, it is that I am the most persistent person I know.

Worked on the Add Event process in 247 tonight, which merges my development of the Everywhere Calendar technology I built a few years ago. I had to combine the interface of four screens to get this into what I hope will translate into a easy-to-use, comprehensive whole:

If you have more details to add, you can expand:

Coupled with the 247 search engine, the calendar and the volunteer connection piece make it pretty unique, I think. Therein lies part of my market differentiation. I've learned that the calendar will probably get a lot of use.

In about 9 hours, I'll be joined by two associates to give a presentation of the forward247 engine to a large company here in Des Moines. I won't be demo'ing the calendar piece. Not ready for that yet. Perhaps I'll finish it tomorrow night. While the Add Event interface is done, and mostly coded, there are some fragments that remain to be written, plus the Edit Event, which I haven't started yet. But once that's done, some minor cleanup and then lots of testing. Whew!

Glad to get this part of it done. Downhill from here :)

ETC: The meeting was fabuloso!


by Brett Rogers, 7/14/2009 2:25:35 AM


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