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What Programs?


A friend of mine who is helping to coordinate the Des Moines Tea Party event sends me this:

Early this morning I watched a FOX NEWS program that had critics of all the Tea Parties throughout the country. Their perspective is 'What services do you want to cut if you want lower taxes? You can't have your cake and eat it too.'
I hope I get asked that question. My question back is: do you really believe that the American people are that helpless that they require the government to gin up all of these services and programs in the first place? Consider this...
  • Nobody believes that Social Security is sustainable.
  • Nobody believes that Medicare/Medicaid is sustainable.
  • Nobody believes that the tax code is comprehendable or even right.
  • Nobody believes that government works hard to avoid waste.
  • Nobody believes that politicians are full of honesty and integrity.
  • Nobody expects the health care in this country to improve its quality if government institutes nationalized health care.
I could go on and on...

So why would anyone trust the government with more money or power? How does that make sense?

To directly answer the question, "What services should be cut?" I would answer, "Every one that the American people can do better and more efficiently than the government - which is likely to be almost every one of them."

  • Social Security is bankrupt. Even with the current problems in the markets, our children and grandchildren won't have to pay a gazillion dollars to make up the difference in Baby Boomer retirements. The American people are more efficient.
  • Medicare/Medicaid are bankrupt, unless we pick the pockets of our kids and grandkids. The American people are more efficient.
  • The tax code is tens of thousands of pages long. The American people are more efficient.
  • How many jokes are there about the government and waste? The government is never a model for efficiency. The American people are more efficient.
  • Politicians serve their own interests, not ours. The American people are more efficient.
  • Our health care system is quite good and offers choice to the consumer. The American people are more efficient at running it and funding it than government.
In short, the American people individually are more efficient than the government ever could be. The solution is to let people be free to choose their own paths. Freedom is always the best solution.


by Brett Rogers, 4/14/2009 8:39:35 AM


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