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Writing, at its best, is a lonely life. Organizations for writers palliate the writer's loneliness, but I doubt if they improve his writing. He grows in public stature as he sheds his loneliness and often his work deteriorates. For he does his work alone and if he is a good enough writer he must face eternity, or the lack of it, each day.
-- Ernest Hemingway


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If There Any Questions...


A lot of things are happening in my world these days, so here's a point of clarification about me:

  • I'm a self-determinist, which means that I believe that a person has the unalienable right to choose their own path in life.
  • I believe in people, not government. Government has no clue how to create marketable products in a free market system. Not their expertise. This is a global economy. We're competing against other countries. Let people and companies figure that out - because they do all the time. Government has no practice doing it. (Have you seen the lines at the DMV? Did you see the tax code book? That is so not how to do business...)
  • It is okay to try. It is okay to fail. It is okay to succeed. This is America, the most free place on the planet. Let's keep it that way.
And finally, here's a picture of my stepson, Tyler Dain, that I took today.


by Brett Rogers, 4/10/2009 3:27:10 PM


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