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In your writing, be strong, defiant, forbearing. Have a point to make and write to it. Dare to say what you want most to say, and say it as plainly as you can. Whether or not you write well, write bravely.
-- Bill Stout


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North Korea fired a missile and has nuclear capability and Obama did not interfere.

American banks that didn't want the money were forced to take the government's money and aren't allowed to give it back and Obama has every plan to interfere.

The principle at work is obvious: if Kim Jung Il would simply be profitable enough to allow his people to make a good living, Obama would see fit to take action.

Fortunately for North Korea, their economic plans have never had a profit motive, so they're quite safe from any kind of intervention.


by Brett Rogers, 4/5/2009 1:44:51 PM


What an eye opening statement.



Posted by Lucas Flagg, 4/6/2009 4:54:42 AM

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