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What, When, Where


A few years ago, I worked on a web technology based on a simple premise: wouldn't it be great to create a portal for events?

Yep. There's a lot of them out there. But they're all locked to the location they're in. Want events in Chicago? There are a few web sites for that, but they're not the same as the event web sites for Seattle. There is no single hub.

So back then, I worked on that. I almost finished my work on it, but ran into a snag in the form of a question: why would people have any incentive to load their events into the portal?

Loading events takes time. At that time, I couldn't come up with the right answer. As a result, I abandoned my effort. I had about 800 hours into it.

Recently, I stumbled across the answer. So in the last week, I dusted off my previous work and cleaned it up a bit. I've got more work to do - maybe 100 hours - but it's coming along fine.

I'm not going to divulge all of the reasons that the technology beats other efforts out there in the marketplace, but I've got hooks into the first channel where it has potential, and in dusting it off, I've set it up to be easily re-skinned for a vertical.

If you're interested, you can check out the two instances of the technology here and here. By the end of March, I should have it in polished form and hopefully a contract in the first vertical.

I'm in that late night mode, hyper-productive and not sleeping a lot.

(As for 247, yes, that's tracking well also. My partners and I are working up presentation material for demos that we hope to have sometime this month. Busy busy...)


by Brett Rogers, 3/9/2009 1:33:51 AM


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