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I've been reading with interest the recent threads over at conservative blog, HotAir, regarding Joe Wurzelbacher - aka Joe the Plumber - and his semi-celebrity status. Evidently, some in the Republican party, such as McCain supporter and Internet guy Patrick Ruffini, don't like the fact that Joe has been elevated to some sort of "spokesperson" status. He's on news shows and delivers his comments, he wrote a book, and he recently became a news correspondent for Pajamas Media.

The problem I have with this critique is that those who lend it are also critical of Palin's folksy manner, hoot over Jindal's wooden reply to Obama's speech, and otherwise faint at the mere whiff of some conservative performance that the Big Media folks won't accept and praise.

While I agree that it's always best to have an excellent speech delivered with a smooth Reaganesque efficiency, I think that there's room for many voices at the table. I mean really... are we looking for a single person to front the conservative perspective? If so, isn't that a bit messianic, the very criticism we give so many on the left who raise Obama to heights undeserved?

I rather prefer the Army of Davids approach.

Can we get rid of the central planning/messianic expectation? Because it's not helping this country become better...


by Brett Rogers, 2/27/2009 10:42:56 AM


Couldn't agree more. Our country was founded by many great leaders, not one.

WE the people... Not, I the messiah...



Posted by Annette (, 3/1/2009 12:06:24 PM

Exactly. Didn't America start out by ditching that whole king paradigm?



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 3/1/2009 1:30:43 PM

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