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Ten Alternative Ways to Stimulate the Economy


Obama and the Democrat congress aren't serious at all about stimulating the economy. Instead, they're selfishly giving money to their donors and allies at the expense of us and our kids' future earnings. Jason Lewis says it best when he explains it this way: Politicians who invest taxpayer money don't do so for the maximum financial return on investment, but invest money instead for the maximum political return on investment. Theirs is a political motive, not a profit motive. Theirs is self-interest, not your interest.

So here are my ten alternatives to stimulate the economy, all of which run rings around the proposals of Obama/Pelosi/Reid. Instead of $800 billion given to the never-solvent Amtrak, the reduction of the hazard of lead-based paint, and stop smoking campaigns - none of which helps the unemployed or tanking homeowner - how about these proposals for the $800 billion:

  1. For the next year, freeze all federal and social security taxes on any hours worked beyond 30 for per hour workers to provide incentive for people to work more.
  2. Freeze all federal and social security taxes on any person in default on their home mortgage.
  3. Provide money to allow homeowners to defer payments on their mortgage if they lose their income.
  4. Provide $10,000 start-up capital for anyone who comes forward with a viable business plan.
  5. Provide full/partial scholarships to public colleges/universities for young entrepeneurs with a viable business plan.
  6. For those who have started a small business in the last two years, freeze all federal and social security taxes.
  7. Double the tax credits given to those who donate to non-profits that help those in need.
  8. Provide tuition assistance to students who attend colleges/universities who create expedited training programs for unemployed workers.
  9. Charge the Department of Commerce with amplifying the success stories of those small businesses who make a profit and can provide a "lessons learned."
  10. Resolve to veto any legislation with politician-supplied earmarks - because frivolous spending will only worsen things in the long-term.
The difference between my approach and those of Obama/Pelosi/Reid is that mine focuses on creating jobs and helping people maintain their wealth (their home). Relatively little in the Obama/Pelosi/Redit approach has any concern whatsoever with actual people in need - because, in truth, they don't care about actual people in need.

Here's what Massachussettes' embarrassment had to say about giving the little people stimulus money:

If you put a tax cut into the hands of a business or family, there's no guarantee that they're going to invest that or invest it in America.

They're free to go invest anywhere that they want if they choose to invest.

So there you go, America. You're just not smart enough to know what to do with your money. Instead, trust politicians with your money.

There are a bunch of idiots in Washington who've never had to worry about money or make a payroll. They are irresponsible and they need to hear from you about it.

ETC: Just a bit of further explanation. An economy is driven by the velocity of money. What stops the velocity of money is uncertainty.

So I'll ask you this - what will put the brakes on the economy more: people being unemployed or people not having more information about quitting smoking? People losing their homes to foreclosure or Amtrak having another bad year?

Which causes more uncertainty in our nation's economy: the hazards of lead-paint or small businesses going under?

Look at where the politicians are spending the stimulus money. They're doing almost nothing to allay uncertainty in the marketplace, and in fact by spending so much money so wastefully, they're only increasing the uncertainty in the marketplace. That's why these "leaders" of ours are completely clueless and can't be trusted.

Geez... I spent twenty minutes thinking up my little list, and I didn't even graduate from college. Surrounded by so much brainpower in Washington and for his much touted Harvard education, that's all Obama's got? That's it? Pelosi and Reid can't do any better than that puny list?

And the real crime - the shame - is that the press corps can't muster an honest critique for all its doe-eyed adoration of our president.

Hope? You have got to be kidding...


by Brett Rogers, 2/8/2009 2:30:44 PM


You said it.



Posted by Nick, 2/8/2009 5:34:43 PM

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