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For the first time in a long time, I will be without client starting Wednesday. That's not to say that I'll be idle. I've been helping a local non-profit re-brand, partnering with two other companies to re-introduce 247Toolset (which is going well), and I'll be catching up on some study that I'd wanted to do on productivity.

Also, there's a mortgage industry idea that I'd had a while back that's getting some traction, and hopefully within the next few weeks, I'll be able to talk more about that.

On Thursday, we attended my grandfather's funeral, and I wanted to say a hearty "Thank you!" to those who extended their warm thoughts my way here on the site and in person. It helped. One of the good things that has come of this tragedy is that my grandmother, Nana, whom I adore, was able to come to our house yesterday with my parents and family friend, BJ, and we all had lunch and played games through the afternoon. It was such a good time :)

As they were leaving, Tamara noticed the smudges from our dogs on the entry way window and took some Windex to it. Nana stepped through the door, then turned around to mischievously jab her fingers into the clean glass, winking at a surprised and laughing Tamara who was on the other side of the glass, and then made her getaway to the waiting van. My mom noticed the whole episode, and mouthed to me that she hadn't seen Nana so full of life in quite some time. Family helps to restore in a time of loss, and to see Nana be playful and young was nourishing to us all.

There are plans that she will move from Illinois to live with my folks in Ames, a short drive from here. I think yesterday worked some fixative into those plans. Tamara and I would love to spend more time with the firebrand that is my 81-year-old grandmother.


by Brett Rogers, 2/8/2009 12:54:49 PM


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