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Even though quality cannot be defined, you know what quality is.
-- Robert Pirsig


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What Works


What's on your resume? What do you do? How do you label yourself, professionally speaking?

Okay let's get away from that, for a minute. What are your hobbies? Amusements?

Outside of either of these, what else are you good at? What unadvertised skills do you have?

Here's why I ask... it is entirely possible that you could find traction for any of your gifts. That's right. Every demonstrable skill you possess contains the possibility of bringing you attention and revenue.

I say this because in this economy, I think it's more important than ever to find ways to put your productivity to use and show people what you can do. Make it, package it, promote it, and see what happens.

Doing that already? For everything you can do? Okay... then how can you magnify your effort? How can you do it differently? Can you partner with anyone to find a new audience, each of you?

Ask your spouse and your family and your friends about this. Brainstorm and help each other. Dig that well before you need the water...


by Brett Rogers, 11/17/2008 8:16:26 PM


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