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When I hear about writer's block, this one and that one! Fuck off! Stop writing, for Christ sake's: Plenty more where you came from.
-- Gore Vidal


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Do You Believe in Community?


If you believe passionately in strengthening our community and in simplifying the process of giving, of making each contribution the most meaningful it can be, then join us. We need your help to build the concept of LocalsGive into a viral and vibrant tool for connection and charity.

Strengthen community. Simplify giving.

Hat tip to Jeff :)

ETC: I believe in voluntary contribution, not involuntary. There's absolutely nothing wrong with creating a smoother and more efficient means of giving. The American people are the most generous on the planet, and our communities will be stronger if we can improve the voluntary means for contribution.


by Brett Rogers, 11/8/2008 8:15:16 PM


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