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A while back, I created the ability to privatize the posts here at beatcanvas. I also created the ability for others to post.

When I first started this web site, since I wrote the entire thing from scratch myself, I also gave it the ability to manage multiple blogs. At least within the database, I did.

I recently mentioned AchieversMovement. You can go there, if you like. From here forward, my political leanings will occur there. Tomorrow, I'll post something on the subject of productivity. I might even move all of my political content there. Haven't decided yet.

It'll start out as a private forum, with some public posts, and with the ability for multiple contributors. Will I get multiple contributors? I don't know. Maybe.

It will also feature, sometime in the next month, the ability for people to register themselves and their zip code in an anonymous way. While maintaining that anonymity, it will allow others to request the help of those registered and local to them who choose to help with the effort. That might attract people.

And so, beatcanvas becomes a duplex: political me moves next door, and artist and personal me stays here. I'll post at both blogs.

For those of you who have commented on my political posts, tomorrow you'll get access automatically to that side of the duplex - no need for you to re-register. And you'll be able to post and comment, just as you do here.

(By the way, not everything is functional yet, but should be within the next week...)


by Brett Rogers, 11/8/2008 5:57:15 PM


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