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The Iowa GOP Needs Serious Help


I am, as anybody who reads my blog knows, pretty political. I'm informed. I keep up with it. I have a passion for politics.

Today, for the first time in this election, I learned the name of the Republican who is running against our good state's perennial embarrassment in the US Senate, Tom Harkin.

Here is Christopher Reed's campaign web site. Oh. My. God.

That's the best the Iowa GOP can do for Tom Harkin's rival? Because it looks like the students in his local fifth grade built that for him as a class project.

I realize that he probably didn't have much money, but buddy, you're running for the US Senate. You're running against Tom Harkin, a well-moneyed and very slick politician.

That's it? If so, why bother?


by Brett Rogers, 11/4/2008 5:43:36 PM


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