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Upbeat about Kicking Ass on Tuesday


I just got back from Minneapolis, where my son goes to college. And after my visit, I am profoundly upbeat that this great nation will deliver a McCain victory for my birthday, which is election day.

The only thing that concerns me at this point is the depth of fraud through ACORN and Obama's lack of credit card security on his campaign web site, which has allowed foreign and fraudulent contributions to be made. Hey, if the guy can't secure his own web site like every other business in America does, he sure can't secure this great nation.

I know a lot of Republicans, and all of them are voting for McCain.

I know a lot of Democrats, and several of them are voting for McCain. A few are even volunteering for him and Palin.

The news about Obama's aunt shows that the guy uses people in his life as props to bolster himself, but doesn't care about them after he's done with them.

The news about Obama's intentions to carbon tax new coal plants into bankruptcy shows that his intentions will hurt the economy deeply.

The big mo' is behind McCain, and I know a couple of people along with me who will be driving people to the polls on Tuesday.

So yep - I'm hyped.

Even if Obama is elected through his duplicity, I think Americans are fired up to reign in this lout and his socialist dreams.

Let's roll... :)


Tags: politics
by Brett Rogers, 11/2/2008 9:05:38 PM


There may be many pollsters/pundits with absolutely NO credibility come Wednesday. I haven't bought into these poll results, I don't see this historic landslide and I question the methods being used to collect data. I see it as a side by side effort with the MSM to push Obama. Tomorrow will tell the truth.

I no sooner read your post I see one from Ed Morrissey at HA that reads "Could McCain Win Minnesota?" Hell yeah!



Posted by Pale Rider, 11/3/2008 8:36:57 AM

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