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What unites us - the ultimate ground of our claim to equality - is our common ignorance of the central questions posed for us by the universe.
-- Paul Freund


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What Will You Do?


Hey, you libertarian, right-leaning, hard-working soul... I have some questions for you:

  • Since the media has proved itself utterly unprofessional, will you keep watching it? Listening to it? Because your patronage helps them pay their bills...
  • If not the media you can't stand, what? What are you willing to do?
  • With whom do you locally meet regularly to support local politicians as you might support?
We're independent souls, us libertarians. Group action isn't really our thing...

But it needs to be if we're gonna fight the liberal onslaught coming our way. The media won't help us. Republicans, a clueless lot, won't help us. And individually, since we're not Rush Limbaugh-like in our impact, we're not likely to have much impact.

Time to get serious. Time to get involved.

Could be a lot of fun, working together.

Or we can all sit around and yell at the TV while we pay more taxes.

Viva choice!


by Brett Rogers, 10/21/2008 9:11:21 PM


I've already banned pretty much anything on NBC, ABC, and CBS. I even went out and paid for NFL Sunday Ticket when I could have watched games for free on CBS. My little way of saying "up yours." I didn't even watch SNL live with the 'Cuda, I caught the clips online the next day.

Maybe it's time to work together and start banning some of the companies advertising on these stations. The type of group efforts the left is so fond of. The downside is we are usually quite busy with actual work and don't have as much time/energy to put into it.



Posted by Pale Rider, 10/21/2008 11:58:49 PM

Banning = what you won't do. I agree with that.

Busy with actual work... yep, trust me, I get that. But what will you do? Here's where we have an opportunity for brainstorming. What does a busy libertarian do to wrest the country back from its pending socialist grip?



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 10/22/2008 12:23:30 AM

I had this same conversation with Casey this morning. I asked him what he's going to do and he didn't have an answer. I think a blog is a step and connecting with like minded folks and wwitching party affiliation are others. I volunteered for McCain only to do something to keep Obama out.

For the rest, I'm taking a cue from the lovely Mrs. Palin and starting at the bottom: PTA, school board, city domination. =)

I read that when Mr. Boswell first joined Congress he was behind legislation to limit terms to six. Funny, now that he's running for his seventh.



Posted by Annette (, 10/22/2008 10:15:18 AM

Yayy! You're having the conversation, and that's imperative.

I recall today that I purchased and a while back... hmm...



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 10/22/2008 10:56:07 AM

I think immediately, anyone who is position in a swing state, get out and work with local organizers to sway as many people on the fence as possible. For those of us outside, donate to groups who can get ads out to counter Barry over these next few weeks. Or maybe someone who is creative like Brett, start posting video's on the web.

Take it from me, followers of the one are impervious to logic so focus where we can. Although amusing at first, arguing with stupidity gets old real quick.

For the future, education reform is target number 1. Annette has a great idea. I see this entitlement mentality starting from the ground up with parenting/what our children learn at school.



Posted by Pale Rider, 10/22/2008 11:44:53 AM

All of us have different strengths and passions. But if we can unite them around principle and simply keep up with and promote the progress of each other, I think we can take our achiever's mindset (hard work!) and get a lot accomplished. I think we can have influence.

I wrote this a while back.

What should be the distilled principles of an Achiever's Movement? At that time, I suggested:

  1. Self-reliance
  2. Freedom
  3. Free markets and competition
  4. Religious freedom
  5. Limited government
  6. A rigorous attitude of America first
I think each party has people within it who would agree with that. Therefore, rather than a new party, which is what I suggested at the time, how about a movement, independent of party, that seeks to push politicians in this healthy direction? Those that want to use government as an instrument for micro-management, be it socialism in the Democrat party or theocracy in the Republican party, need to be shuttered. There are many in both parties who feel that their party has been hijacked. My mom, the lifelong Democrat and PUMA in this election, certainly feels that way.

So if the Achiever's Movement were a web site, what would it do? Is it a petition? A drive to gain membership (numbers) and influence? A place to talk about activities and successes?



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 10/22/2008 12:03:52 PM

Have you been to Ron Paul's group has done a great job getting excited and motivated. I'll be curious to see how that lasts after the election.

The unfortuante thing with achievers is that they've likely already got so much on their plates that they might not have time to add another thing. In my case, though, I guess it's time to walk the talk.

Ok, I just added "patriot" to my roles in my planner, which means I need to do something on a weekly basis to prove that I am one.



Posted by Annette (, 10/23/2008 11:18:43 AM

I haven't been there, but I'll definitely check it out.

Yes, achievers are busy, but as you point, liberty is important. I wish there were more people like you, Annette.



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 10/23/2008 11:27:19 AM

I'm a little lighter in the wallet but I'm finding that donating to campaigns that have a fighting chance of flipping a dem seat is more rewarding than arguing with followers about my "No Experience Ass Clown" sticker. Bill Russell has a real shot at dumping Murtha in PA. One too many comments from this pork loving gas bag could provide the biggest congressional upset out there. From slandering our marines (for which he is being sued), to calling his constituents "racists," then "redneck."

So if you can, give the guy a few bucks so he can get more ads on the air. Between this and Obama's comments, I don't think the dems have PA locked up.



Posted by Pale Rider, 10/23/2008 3:29:48 PM

Putting our money where our mouth is, eh?

I love the people on my web site :)



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 10/23/2008 3:33:51 PM

Yep and I tell you the last few days I feel like I am contributing and making a difference. I'm pretty much screwed here at the local level in NY. There are no rallies, no conservatives to get behind, but being able to reach out like this has been refreshing. It has motivated me to do more and I will try to step it up even more thru the election.



Posted by Pale Rider, 10/24/2008 11:38:00 PM

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