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The Writer comes up against the misconception that he's needed for only his manual abillity to translate other people's experiences into words. The non writer illusion is 'I'm just as good, I have as much to say, more to say, but I'm missing a few technical details.'
-- Ernest Van Den Haag


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Two of my passions are art and politics. Seems like a no-brainer that I might mix the two together in poltical cartoons.

The nice thing about art is that it can communicate volumes, instantaneously and memorably. And humor gets the point across in a more attractive way than 8 paragraphs of rant.

Toward that end, I've started drawing cartoons. I've come up with a title that appropriately shows how I feel about it all:


My goal is to lampoon anyone who thinks that government is a ready solution for anything, and to skewer the consistent idiocy of our political class. Obama is my big easy target of the moment.

I've registered the domain I'll point it to a place here on my web site where I'll collect the content.

I'm a decent painter, but I think I have a way to go in cartooning well. Like anything I do, it's the journey that matters, so here we go!


by Brett Rogers, 10/9/2008 10:24:40 AM


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