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As I've been messing with my LG Dare, doodling around and trying to keep up with something creative each day, I've found myself getting hungry for actual, you know, painting. For me it's the color restriction. I long for real color. Or at least the ability to massage it into the shades I crave.

I've also been working pretty heavily on 247Toolset. is going through some modifications. The purpose is to create an ideal hub for finding and donating to non-profits. I feel good about that...

Today, I'm kind of emotional. Life is rich.

So I think what I'll do is try to accomplish daily art - whatever medium that might be - and that'll be what I send out to the little group that receives my LG Dare stuff every morning.

There's a notion on the web of "pocket paintings." I stumbled into the concept myself in June 2007, saying:

They're small. And fun, actually. I'm surprised by the satisfaction I get in painting these rough thumbnails of what is to be a larger work.
These things are small, maybe 2" x 2", which is only a little bigger than what I'm doing now with the Dare.

I've also taken to sending picture messages to Tamara, like someone would send a card, but via my phone. Like this:

And the text of the message might be: "You're my best friend..."

If people had access to a bank of pictures to send little phone cards to each other... I mean, hey, we're enjoying it. Me, I'll think of every creative way I can to romance my beautiful wife. So maybe my pocket art sized for the phone can be made available to others. I dunno, but what if a phone company offered the bank of images for free? More people might sign up for unlimited text/picture messaging if they could send little phone cards to each other.

I'm having fun... :)


by Brett Rogers, 10/7/2008 1:00:02 AM


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