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Sketch of the Day


My next painting is on hold for the moment because I want to try something new - I want to add an element to the picture. I need to get out at night and photograph the element, so in the meantime...

I had to take the morning off to drive a friend to the hospital who needed a test done, so while I was in the waiting room, I sketched a bit. I brought this photo with me:

Cute, eh?

Here's my waiting room draft:

Sketchwork is fine, but I'm eager to get the brushes wet...

And my friend's test came out fine, so the day was good.


Tags: sketch
by Brett Rogers, 4/26/2005 9:22:30 PM


cute girl but i honestly dont think your a very good sketcher im sorry im 16 and i can sketch way better than that. its really uneven and in the picture above, of a park, i think you did the grass on a hill bigger type slope but really its not much of a hill just alittle one also the side walk appers to get smaller the farther it goes past the bench but you made it all the same length its bigger twards the first bench. just thought i would let you know how i felt.



Posted by thischick, 4/16/2007 5:45:58 PM

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