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Beautiful Day


Tamara and I went out today on a 19-mile bike ride. Which was good for my tubby butt.

It's been a while since we rode that far. That's actually how we got to know each other better - bike riding. She used to be a bike-riding fool, clocking it in at around 100 - 150 miles per week. But married life took over, and where I'm more of a casual rider, and not the miler she was, I think she opted for time with me (a good thing) instead of bike-riding (also a good thing). We've made the unspoken decision to meet somewhere in between, I think. Maybe 70 miles a week.

Then we relax out on our back deck, which is an oasis of sorts for us. Check out the big ol' cottonwood (this picture was shot from our deck).

Ten feet off the deck, as I write this, is my beautiful bride, soaking up the late afternoon sun and reading a book.

What a great weekend this is.


by Brett Rogers, 8/31/2008 4:29:04 PM


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