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I've been a bit silent on matters political for a while. Mostly because it's all a bit ridiculous to watch or consider, frankly. Despite my better sensibilities, I find myself cheering John McCain. And it's all because of the inebriated outlandishness that is Barack Obama. The guy is so drunk on his own vibe that he can say or do anything - and does - and he shows himself painfully underqualified to lead the people of the United States.

He airs not to know it. Yet, he has to know at some level that he was wrong about Iraq, wrong about Russia, wrong about Iran. (Where was he right, at all?) He presses on, though. Hope and change...

Obama chooses a running mate who plagues us with his Tourette's (oh, moment of superior judgment that!), who explains the poor education system in Washington DC in comparison to Iowa by blaming it on black mothers. "Consider what you start with..." and then talks about the low minority population in Iowa. Gah! Who vetted this guy? I mean, you might as well put a white hood on Biden and stand him next to Obama for the comments that run diarrhetic from Joe's mouth.

But perhaps the biggest act of open-faced buffoonery is that of the media. Tom Brokaw stands there pointing out that MSNBC's commentators have gone too far in support of Obama, Time magazine glosses Obama 7 times this year to McCain's twice, it takes the Italian Vanity Fair to highlight Obama's half-brother, George, living in utter squallor on less than $1 a month, no one looks into Ayers and Annenberg... and what's more, the public at large knows little of what I write.

This election is a caricature. It's show, style, and slick packaging. It has little to do with the pursuit of a strong and vibrant America. No, watching Obama move forward toward November is something like awarding a first place trophy to a kid who redundantly competes alone in his age group. The media gleefully reports, night after night, how amazing this kid is. It's akin to praising a kindergartner's creative spelling, but at the level of presidential politics.

It's embarrassing.

It's unbelievable.

So I figure, why comment? Saturday Night Live never satired Laverne and Shirley because no matter how outrageous the skit became, it looked just like a routine episode.

Ditto this.

As the American people start paying attention now and as they become aware of alternative media as sources for news, Obama's numbers (shock!) slide. Obama disses Hillary and his numbers (shock!) slide. Obama fumbles the announcement of his awkward white guy VP choice and his numbers (shock!) slide.

The guy is a neophyte, built up to much higher expectations than he ever deserved, and everyone can see it. He's living the Peter Principle in front of us, and taking the Democrat party down with him by making America look at the spectacle.

At one time, the Democrats had a love for America. Not so much anymore. I talked with my mom, the lifelong Democrat, over the weekend, and she gets so animated about voting for McCain. "Obama's such a liar!" And that's that.

We get to see that scene played over and over again this week in Denver. McCain will run countless ads to attract disenchanted Democrat centrists. And he will. Not that it will be reported, but whether it's reported or not, it still happens. Much like our success in Iraq. And then everyone wakes up one day and has to admit the facts.

That's exactly what will happen to Obama's vaunted "judgment." Hope and change ring more hollow by the day. The post-mortems will wonder how anyone so empty of principle and experience got so near the White House.

Being president takes more than just being a US citizen, 35 years of age. Yes, those are the qualifications, but the very best and achieved among us are the ones who deserve consideration for the office, not the well-spoken and well-dressed.

Bring on the sunllight...


by Brett Rogers, 8/26/2008 12:52:04 AM


Amen, Brett.



Posted by Kelly, 8/26/2008 1:06:16 AM

Palin, Palin, Palin! Is that sunlight I see? :)



Posted by Pale Rider, 8/29/2008 10:25:22 AM

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