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Cruel Parents


Liberal parents love their children - or so they say. Because only a cruel, mean parent would willingly put their child into slave labor, and that's exactly what is happening today... millions of parents going gaga over national health care and other new entitlements.

Government knows nothing about health care. If an HMO is bad, why is government-managed care any different or better? As a bloated and ignorant middleman in the health care system, it can't do anything except stick out its big meaty paw and expect you to pay yet more money on top of the doctor's fees to pay for its health-care-managing bureaucrats. They didn't go to school for it, so what value is government bringing to health care to make it better for you?

All that money has to come from somewhere... government doesn't make its own money. Money for all these promised programs will come from your kids.

Entitlements are the new child slave labor in America.

Tomorrow's retiring generation will exact their comfort from tomorrow's workers - our kids today.

Love your children? Derail entitlements now.

Only the cruel and greedy vote for politicians who promise them more entitlements.

Parents who get excited for government entitlements are either cruel parents who knowingly want to make the lives of their children harder, or they are ignorant rubes who can't do the math to understand the harm of the added bureaucratic cost.

I love my kids. I want them to enjoy America's freedoms as much as possible. They won't do it with a $1 million-plus lifetime tax burden taken straight from their paycheck before they can even see a dime of it. Think about it... a home doesn't cost that much.

I think I'm gonna get a bumper sticker:

"Entitlements = American Child Slave Labor"

Or maybe this:

"National Health Care = 50% Tax Rate for Our Kids"

Or maybe:

"It's Cruel to Make Kids Pay for Your Retirement"

Entitlements will crush our kids. People who love kids would never support that and would never vote for politicians who promise entitlements.


by Brett Rogers, 5/27/2008 11:06:15 PM


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