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Pushed Around

Like cattle in a chute, we're led to move in certain ways. The word "sale" will pull people off their intended route. A woman who moves too fast will drive many men off. A penny glued to the floor will bring a lot of people to try and pick it up.

Face it. We can be predictable.

I've never liked cars much. I hate driving. My vehicle of choice has two wheels.

Fuel efficiency? This baby's got it in spades.

How will the permanency of high gas prices affect our behavior? Like cattle in a chute, we will move toward more economical vehicles, less commuting, more telecommuting, more public transit... these are somewhat predictable trends.

Less predictable, but understandable, would be a surge in home gyms, gardening, Netflix, and camping - among other gas-negligent things you can do.

Apply it to your industry... how does this shape up?

If you're a teacher, students might get less involved in sports. It costs money to drive to these many events, after all. What might you emphasize in its place to help your students?

You own a restaurant, so maybe you could offer a deal where people can buy a meal tonight and then take one "to go" to heat up for tomorrow night? Saves gas, more efficient.

You sell real estate? You might want to ensure that prospective buyers are pre-qualified before driving them all over. Or perhaps look into providing more 360 home tours via the web for your listings.

As I've heard before, if you're going to get kicked, just make sure that you're pointed in the right direction first.

by Brett Rogers, 5/23/2008 11:24:44 PM


Perfect timing of this post. I'm already dealing with the effects regarding sports. Last season my son was on a travel hockey team. This season, we'll stick to the local house league. Talking with other parents we won't be the only ones.

Nice bike. I should get a one and start riding to work. The kids just got their new bikes for the summer. Maybe it is my turn.

Posted by Pale Rider, 5/27/2008 10:04:08 AM

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