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The Clueless Engineer at Sony


Can I say it? I will.

Sony hates bald people.

I have no idea why Sony, a really large company, wants to ignore such a significant part of the male population, but it does.

I own a pair of Sony headphones. Note the very hard plastic headband.

Wear that across your naked skull for more than 5 minutes and you have a headache. Guaranteed. So I wear the headphones with the band off my head and to the back, which is at best awkward and probably looks retarded.

Hatin' on the bald man...

Tired of this, I went to Best Buy tonight. I figured that since my Sony headphones cost me all of $30, I would get a more expensive pair. With padding. In the past, I've always liked Sony headphones. But then prior to this pair, they always had padding on the headband.

I browsed all of the Sony headphones. The $65 pair. The $79 pair. All of them featured the hard plastic headband. Except for one pair: the Bluetooth-enabled, headband-padded pair that sold for only $229.

Now, I just want to say... I love music. I love the nuances of music that only a great pair of headphones can expose. But no pair of headphones is worth $229 when all I really want is comfort. Is it too much to ask that I not suffer a headache when I listen to music?

Hatin' on the bald man. Or, maybe Sony needs some bald guys in their quality assurance department. None of the Sony headphones under $100 would have made it out of the room.

"Ouch! Do it over!" would have been the cry from the tester to the clueless engineer at Sony.

Sony lost me today. I'm now a Bose fan. For $139 (which was hard to do, but I do love music) I bought the Bose Triport headphones.

Notice the headband; it's very comfortably cushioned.

Bose did a smart thing. There was a Bose display and I could try out the headphones before I bought them. Very nice.

Sony? Not at all. In fact, the Sony headbands were hidden by packaging cardboard. I had to ask a sales associate to help me learn that every pair was adorned with that hard, scalp-crushing, unyielding plastic headband.

I like my cushy Bose headphones. They love on my shiny bald head while I listen to fabulous music.


by Brett Rogers, 5/14/2008 11:36:11 PM


Dude, you are onto something. I picked up some SONY headphones for my iPod (don't get me started on the crappy earbuds Apple sends with it). They are a sports style, hard plastic, and they don't even adjust. Could I try them on before taking them home? Of course not. They barely stay on if I keep my head in one position and make no sudden moves. God forbid I tried to run with them on, two steps and my dog would be running away with them.

So along with "hatin on the bald man," add "hatin on the thick skulled man." Since that pretty much covers all of us, maybe SONY "just hates men" period? :)



Posted by Pale Rider, 5/15/2008 3:19:15 PM

Geez! I almost burned my retina's on that photo, Brett. :P

PR, check out Sennheiser PX100 headphones. Amazon has them on sale for $32 right now. Super portable type headphones for the money. I use them on my mp3 player.

Brett, if the Bose phones don't work for you check out AKG K240 Studio cans. I used them for years doing studio work and finally bought a pair for myself a while back. $100-$120 and well worth the price. They've been around for a long time and for good reason. They sound great. Comfy, too. Even for you follically challenged chaps.

Musical find of the day? Tommy Emmanuel. Check him out.




Posted by Kelly, 5/15/2008 4:11:59 PM

Great recommendations, Kelly. I wasn't aware of AKG...

I'll check out Tommy Emmanuel. Any music nod from you is always worth a listen...

And PR, I highly encourage you to check out Kelly's Amazon link. I don't know anyone as smart as Kelly about things musical.



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 5/15/2008 9:33:25 PM

Thanks Kelly! That looks much more comfortable/functional for what I need and costs less than what I paid for the SONY. I'd tried the Bose before but didn't want to pay that much for headphones. These should work great for me. Thanks much!



Posted by Pale Rider, 5/15/2008 10:54:03 PM

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