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More and More Entrepreneurial Risk


I'm not sure why, but government just loves PDF format. Nonetheless, here's a link to the web site for "Measuring Innovation in the 21st Century Economy." In the closing paragraphs of the section titled "A Message from the Chair," the report says:

If we are to grow, we need more and more people ready to take entrepreneurial risk. And, we need them flowing from institutions attuned to producing particularly creative people for the new economy. Recent economic and psychological research has confirmed what scientists and entrepreneurs have known for decades: innovative breakthroughs frequently come at the estuary region where different fields, not necessarily related, intersect. This means we need more cross-disciplinary training where the edge between fields can be developed for the innovations that lie within.
The chair recognizes that it's not just depth of industry expertise, but how you juxtapose that with other expertise and other ways of doing things. Invention happens when I mix and match ideas and tools and processes, not when I stare deeper into the singular tunnel of a particular industry. One leads to new approaches; the other leads to just more of the same.

Words that kill companies:

  • That's not how we do things here.
  • You're just wasting time.
  • That's not your job description.
  • We've already tried that.
  • No one will back you up on that.
Mix and match... variety makes you vibrant. Consider that biology doesn't endure incest. Only cross-breeding produces the hardiest stock in any species.

Want innovation? Be prepared to traverse the uncomfortable and unfamiliar.


by Brett Rogers, 1/28/2008 5:49:51 PM


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