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I Take That Back


A few days ago, I postulated that McCain will likely be the nominee for the Republicans. And I said that I would feel better about voting for him than letting Hillary into office.

After watching McCain the past few days, I spoke too soon. McCain's insistence that he would sign his immigration legislation into law, his employ of Juan "Mexico First" Hernandez, and his outright lie about Romney show me again that there is no way I can vote for the guy. I'd rather see the Democrats show us how not to lead the country, as Pelosi and Reid have amply demonstrated, than have the blame shifted to a Republican.

Our American president has to have an attitude of "America First," not Mexico first, as McCain-Kennedy would do. And while I completely expect politicians to juxtapose their own positions to that of their opponents, lying about an opponent's record is not "straight talk." It's misrepresentation, and coming from the guy who co-authored McCain-Feingold to "clean up" campaign speech, McCain is too obnoxious in his piety to earn my vote.


Tags: politics
by Brett Rogers, 1/27/2008 6:24:53 PM


McCain is rubbing me the wrong way similar to how Huckabee bothered you. I was able to dismiss McCain when his it looked like his campaign would go under, but now he's managed to really irritate the hell out of me. His "straight talk" campaign is so full of bullshit I half expect legitimate reporters to start showing up at his speeches wearing hip waiters and nose plugs. I can't stand lies with any candidate with any party and right now, Mitt is the only one left standing who has any credibility. This isn't a difference of opinion here, it is a blatant lie (not the first) to try to put Mitt in a negative light. McCain's pissed me off to the point I am questioning whether or not I could vote for Obama.

The main stream media is so enamored with McCain he gets the same free pass the Dems do. Once again reaffirming why I seldom pay attention to news programs outside of a few shows on Fox. Here on the net with a little research you can find the truth. Not just the BS most of the candidates let fly today.

If anyone wonders why Rush floated it out there that he may not vote for a Republican candidate McCain is the reason. I can't see him ever pulling the lever for him. He's known what McCain has been about for years. Going back before the 2000 election he knew.

Huckabee has Chuck Norris, now McCain has Sylvester Stallone. Say it aint so Rambo.



Posted by Pale Rider, 1/27/2008 11:23:01 PM

Tell you what... I'll come out your way on election day and we'll pull up our lawn chairs and watch the country erode together over a couple of beers. Then we'll end the night scheming how to cause an uprising for the next election.



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 1/28/2008 11:42:07 AM

Now that is a plan! LOL!

My brief moment of insanity is over. Not a chance in hell I'd ever pull the lever for the Authoron. I just caught his comments on Fox following the state of the union. He couldn't say the words that "the surge in Iraq was working" and he actually said we cannot resolve the issues between the factions while "occupying" the country. To quote Walter, "Dumb ass" (I caught Jeff Dunham over the weekend on tv).



Posted by Pale Rider, 1/28/2008 11:19:24 PM

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