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Comparison Chart


One of my favorite features of the system I've been developing is the comparison chart that spawns dynamically from the search results. I've opened that page because I'm up late testing, re-writing the recruiter's user manual for the latest usability changes, and making "public" a few of the approved candidates on the beta site. As I'm doing this, I hopped into the comparison chart.

Know of another search engine that allows you to create a comparison chart like this? I'm hoping that features like this one will set this tool apart from other options.

The suggestion for it came from John, Paragon's ace marketing guy. I'm a very big believer that development should take place right next to the end users so that the right tools can be written. I don't care how genius a person might be, they can't in any way imagine every scenario in a user's day.

I heard a guy once say in a meeting with about 70 other people that developers don't need to know how a user does their job - that's what business analysts are for, he insisted. A brawl damn near broke out over that remark as I heartily disagreed with him. The more layers between the developer and the end-user, the less the application will fit the needs of business and the more it can't help but create frustration for the end-user.

Can't listen well if you're not near your customer, ya know?


by Brett Rogers, 1/27/2008 2:17:30 AM


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