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I Want This Guy


I live in Des Moines, Iowa, home of "hand-raising" lady, Carolyn Washburn, editor of the Des Moines Register. I hearby nominate this guy, Ezra Levant, to take her place.

Amen brother. Asked why, in the video, he published the Muhammad cartoons in his magazine, he gives this answer:

"I published the Muhammad cartoons because it's my bloody right to do so!"
He gives wonderful, thoughtful, serious answers to the PC questions asked of him. Bravo!


by Brett Rogers, 1/13/2008 10:46:39 PM


Was this the Canadian government going after him (thought I heard "Alberta" mentioned here)? What a fantastic response though. How pathetic when a government tries to interpret the intent of what is supposed to be free speech.

This was so good I had to watch twice. :)



Posted by Pale Rider, 1/14/2008 10:20:49 AM

Yeah... it was the Canadian government going after him. He published the cartoons, and a couple of Muslims filed a complaint with the government, so Officer McGovern queries him about his intent. Ezra tells her to take a bloody leap, which is great. It's none of the government's business why someone chooses to publish political cartoons. And again I say, how weak is your religion when you are so easily offended and seek redress?

I don't know what his potential punishment might be, but when the government can curb your speech, it's a problem.



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 1/14/2008 10:52:06 AM

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