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Can we please have a libertarian candidate stand up who is not a whackjob?

Fer cryin out loud...

Many libertarian ideals are fantastic. Liberating, even. Of course Ron Paul's supporters get excited about his platform - many of the proposals he makes are spot on!

But this whole denial that he never knew the racist spiel in his own publication that carried his name is ridiculous on its face.

I agree completely with Ed:

People wonder why this matters, given Paul's fringe appeal. It matters because we can't allow this kind of hatred to get legitimized in mainstream politics again. This kind of rhetoric used to be mainstream, and not just in the South, either. Republicans [and Libertarians] cannot allow [themselves] to get tainted by the stench of racism and conspiracy mongering. If enough of us don't step up and denounce it, strongly and repeatedly, we will not be able to avoid it.


by Brett Rogers, 1/11/2008 11:21:33 AM


Being the daughter of a survivalist and the great-grandaughter of a white hood wearer, I do know that some people will latch onto the good name of another person to further their ideals. I've seen a ton of rhetoric and conpiracy theories in endless newsletters/pamphlets/tracts that are maybe 10% truthful.

I AM bothered that RP hasn't better explained how he didn't have better oversight. These articles seem to contradict everything he has actually been quoted saying. If anything I am disappointed in his stupidity.

But yeah, I still support him.

Maybe Rich will run for office some day?



Posted by annette (dmartinigirl), 1/11/2008 4:10:27 PM

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