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Reid, Verbally Flogged


You know, I heard of the comments of Harry Reid calling our top generals in Iraq "incompetent." And of course, he also said recently that the war is lost. But these comments fly in the face of reports that Anbar, once a hellhole, is doing much better now, thank you very much. Even TIME magazine wrote about it, and it's confirmed by bloggers who live there and report from there.

If our military were failing miserably, that's one thing. But when there's progress, what the hell is the top senator in Congress doing making statements like that, other than coddling his base? It can only hurt our guys and strengthen the enemy. Calling Reid's remarks "outrageous" and "regrettable" is euphemistic; his comments are traitorously opportunistic. On the backs of our troops, such malice is horrific and worthy of disdain by every Amercian.

Dennis Miller had a few words for ol' Chicken Little. Hear, hear.

Amen, brother.


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Tags: harry reid | iraq | politics
by Brett Rogers, 6/15/2007 7:54:51 AM