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57 Million


The buyers of my cards have all been working women. I read today that there are 57 million working women in the US. How do I reach them?

Tomorrow, I leave on a trip to take pictures for my card business. I need source pictures for my paintings, and this should be a good opportunity to gather as many images as I can. I want to return home with a camera chock full of pictures.

My last sale was 9 cards to a woman who manages a pool of administrative assistants. Why 9 cards and not a dozen?

She went to my cards web site and saw that by buying 9, she would get a quantity discount and save $6, which is like getting two cards for free.

More information...

So how do I reach them? How do I invite them to have the color-rich, personal, affordable, portable art that I offer?

That's the question I'll have in my head over the next 5 days. Time to work on the dream...


by Brett Rogers, 8/1/2006 10:13:30 AM



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