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-- Cicero


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Happy Fourth


I'd offer a raised glass to Independence Day, except that America seems bent to be dependent on an unreliable government.

Each leg of the government ignored the call of freedom from its people. ObamaCare is not liked, and as it is implemented in 2013 and 2014, it will be less liked. Nonetheless, it was pushed forward at each step.

There are those who celebrate the law being upheld who oppose the encroachment on individual liberty by such laws as the Patriot Act. But that's just hypocrisy. Both are invasive. Both have the "public good" given as a justification, but frankly both are subversive to the end of freedom.

This is very simple. If you give away your sovereign right, as an individual, to determine the direction of your own life, that is your choice. I can't understand why you think a bureaucrat in Washington is better able to make decisions for you than you are for yourself, but that's your choice.

I don't want that for my life, and I don't want a tyranny of others to force me into that arrangement. I believe I am much better equipped to make decisions for my life than anyone else. For that reason, I'll need to consider the best place for me to enjoy as much independence as I can. That might be America. And it might not be.

I love my country as founded. Other countries followed the example of America and carved out laws that respected individual sovereignty. Looks more like a level playing field, these days. Time to do some research.

ETC: Glenn Reynolds says this:

Let me be clear: All you people who were playing the have-you-no-decency card under Bush, but who aren't screaming just as loud now - which is pretty much all of you people who were playing the have-you-no-decency card under Bush - were and are miserable lying hacks. And I thank Obama for making that perfectly clear, at least.
I've come to learn that most of the left is bereft of principle. They only care about being included in a Democrat party that has control, which is to say that they just want to be followers of those in control, abdicating their personal liberty for the sake of receiving a meager government handout and a pat on the head for being useful to the ends of their leaders.

What an embarrassing existence.


by Brett Rogers, 7/4/2012 12:48:23 PM


Welcome to the dark side.
(Although not, in fact, dark except to the multitude of people who will hit you with knee-jerk nationalism.)



Posted by Jonathan, 7/5/2012 12:59:24 AM

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