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Why Didn't Obama Do Anything About the Economy, Jobs, or the Debt Ceiling?


"Leading from behind" will go down as a cornerstone of Obama's presidency, made entirely of fool's gold.

A lot of people ask, and will continue to ask, "Why didn't Obama do anything about the economy, jobs, or the debt ceiling?"

The answer is simple.

He never believed in the private sector. He believed in government-sponsored care, government-sponsored jobs, and government-imposed mandates upon society. He fully expected to control and promote all three while in office. Just this week he said:

I'd rather be talking about stuff that everybody welcomes - like new programs...
He said that because he firmly believes that this is the proper role of government - to roll out program after program. To him, that's responsible government, and it's popular government.

Except when it isn't, which is the reality he confronted this past month. When credit agencies talk seriously of downgrading our credit, we've spent too much. Many people in the US understand this, which is why they support cutting spending.

There is no more money for new programs, and outside of new government-sponsored programs (aka new spending), he has no clue how to spur job growth or the economy. And since cutting spending obviously can't create new programs, he's completely at a loss on the debt ceiling. There shouldn't be a debt ceiling in his view - or at least once he became president, anyway.

So don't be surprised. He is exactly who he said he was going to be back when it was popular to mock Joe the Plumber.

ETC: And speaking of leading from behind, Captain Courageous Mitt Romney finally chimes in about the debt ceiling.

In other news, Romney has called for the Packers to win the 2010 Super Bowl. And he thinks Aaron Rodgers has a shot at MVP.


by Brett Rogers, 7/31/2011 11:30:53 PM


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