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Bully: "You have my money?"

Kid: "Yes, but I don't know why I have to give you my money."

Bully: "You'll spend it on dumb stuff."

Kid: "But it's my money... it's none of your business how I spend it."

Bully: "You getting smart with me? Don't make me call my bluff."

Kid: "Um, wait a minute - you're bluffing?"

Bully: "The amount you owe me just doubled."

Kid: "Wait - why? You told me six months ago that you weren't going to raise what I have to give you."

Bully: "I'm only doing what's fair."

Kid: "What's fair about me giving you more of my money?"

Bully: "I think at some point you have enough money. Now fork it over, or I'll tell all of the other kids you cheated me."

Kid: "But I didn't do anything to you!"

Bully: "Six months ago, I didn't make you pay more - so I actually did you a favor, and now you have to make up for it."

Kid: "I hate you."

Bully: "Wow - you're really mean. I'll make sure all of the other kids know that."


by Brett Rogers, 7/15/2011 11:10:09 AM


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