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Homes, Membership Cards, Doctors, Non-Profits, and Such


Here are a few of the web sites that I've built:

You won't find more beautiful, custom-built homes than those designed by Pinnacle, and their web site needed to showcase the elegance of these livable works of art. Purple Circle Marketing worked with me to create a site that embodied the feeling of detailed attention that Pinnacle gives its customers.
SourceCORP helps companies gain more loyalty through their customized plastic card service. Membership cards, gift cards, loyalty programs... these guys bend over backwards to create a solution. It was a pleasure to work on their web site.
West Des Moines OB/GYN's web site was written in collaboration with Purple Circle Marketing, and features not only a beautiful layout, but a versatile administrative backend that allows the OB/GYN folks to change the text of the pages themselves. Additionally, it features a blog function for their patients to tell their stories to share with others who need great OB/GYN doctors.
Common Cents is owned by Energy Stewards International, and allows HVAC professionals to optimize and certify the energy savings in homes and buildings through the use of a very detailed and full-featured web site. I implemented a flexible architecture that includes an Excel-like formula engine and survey mapping. This architecture gives the system admins extraordinary latitude for every solution they need, while simplifying the experience for their customers.
Environmental Professional of Iowa needed a membership management system with event capability, and Creative Leap and I delivered that to them. The site's ecommerce facility is easy to use, and makes signing up for events a breeze!
Venture Net Iowa works with start-up and early stage companies to help grow them to success. TalentNetIowa uses a platform that I developed to capture the skill and talent profiles of the C-level executives who want to help these young companies achieve success.
Nobody knows the annuity business better than Duane Goodwin, and to help people get to know him better, I built a very simple web site for him quickly. As I said, from the simple to the very complex, I can provide every of solution that you need.


by Brett Rogers, 4/20/2011 9:54:48 PM


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